Tsungoni Chapter

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Unit Elections

Each year, current OA members visit area Scout troops to run elections for OA candidates.  For a scout to be eligible to stand for election, he must meet the following criteria:

  • Active member of his troop
  • Must demonstrate Scout spirit
  • Have attained the rank of First Class or higher
  • Completed 15 nights camping since registering as a Boy Scout and within the preceding 2 years.  This will include one long term (summer camp) of at least 6 nights.
  • Have the approval of his unit leader

At the time of the election, at least 50% of the active troop youth must be present.    All eligible members will be listed on the ballot.  Scouts vote for each candidate independently, and may affirm all, some, or none of the candidates for OA membership.  

Scouts that get a minimum of 50% of the votes cast will be candidates for Order of the Arrow membership.  To become a full member, they must complete the next step, Ordeal.

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